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Smokin' Hot Swedes

Sweden is known for its lovely landscapes, but we’re more interested in the hilly mounds and lush underbrush of the country’s most erotic exports. So crank up some ABBA, relax in your Poäng IKEA chair, and unzip those pants while you enjoy this collection of the sexiest Swedes to hit the big screen! Lina Romay saunters in fully nude to tongue joust with a moaning Martine Stedil during a threesome in Slaves, Marina Hedman is a naked nun going down on another stripped down sister in Images In A Convent, and Emelie Jonsson and Bianca Cruzeiro get down and dirty while showering in Aniara. There are not one, but TWO strap-on scenes, one with Erika Linder and Natalie Krill banging in a bathtub from Below Her Mouth, and another with Trine Dyrholm pounding away on a nude Noomi Rapace in Daisy Diamond. The White Queen’s Rebecca Ferguson shows her royal rack in the bedroom, Ingrid García Jonsson takes it all off in Beautiful Youth, and Christina Lindberg flaunts her three B’s for a photo shoot in Exposed. Lena Nyman's boobs and bush are out as her man goes down on her in the grass and then they talk in the buff while she caresses his cock and Swedish meatballs with her mouth and hands in the controversial classic I Am Curious (Yellow). Inge Sundh’s bouncing butt and bosom gets applause from lots of topless ladies in The Groove Room. There are a ton of great close ups of Marie Liljedahl’s T&A in The Seduction Of Inga and we get Amanda Ooms in just a black lacy garter belt and stockings before she grinds on her man and gets fully nude with him in the bath in Ginevra. Plus Marie Ekorre in the best naked catfight ever captured on film and more!

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