Mr. Skin's Pick of the Week

NUDES:Judi Bowker, Vida Taylor
THE SKINNY:Clash of the Titans (1981) is the last film to feature special effects by the legendary stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen, protg of pioneer Willis O’Brien, the man who made King Kong (1933). The film follows the exploits of Greek mythological hero Perseus (Harry Hamlin) as he rescues maidens, fights monsters, and deals with the gods on Olympus. Though rated PG, the film features TA from Vida Taylor and Judi Bowker. They should have called this Clash of the Tit-ans!

NUDES:Kalin Keech, Saranne Lund
THE SKINNY: Take the energy of classic exploitation flicks and a bevy of busty lustbombs straight out of the Russ Meyer universe, add in copious Sapphic action and you’ve got modern B-moviemaking that scales scorchingly sexy peaks in Bitch Slap (2009). Hel (Erin Cummings), Kinky (Minae Noji), and Camaro (America Olivo) are three hell-kittens hotter than the desert landscape they crash in search of a stash of diamonds. In the course of their slam-bang adventures, our hefty-chested heroines come across (in one way or another) Gage (Michael Hurst), Mr. Phoenix (Kevin Sorbo), and the Amazonian Mother Superior (Lucy Lawlessand yes, that does mean Hercules and Xena together again!). Kalin Keech and Saranne Lund get out of their clothes, while all the girls into one another’s bodies repeatedly, turning Bitch Slap into a spank-fest that you definitely won’t be bitching about.

FRANCES (1982)
NUDE:Jessica Lange
THE SKINNY: To embody the role of tragic Hollywood actress Frances Farmer in Frances (1982), Jessica Lange reportedly beat out Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Jane Fonda, Katharine Ross, Sissy Spacek, Mia Farrow, Liza Minnelli, Susan Sarandon and Tuesday Weld. Ironically, all those actresses have done nude scenes, while the real-life Frances Farmer never got around to doing so. The Seattle-born beauty proved to be a provocateur from early on, composing a high-school essay doubting the existence of God and later visiting the Soviet Union as a communist sympathizer. Stripping on camera would have fit in perfectly with Frances’s desire to shock but, unfortunately, it was she who ended up shockedbeing subjected to shock treatments and, ultimately, a lobotomy following a series of breakdowns. Jessica brilliantly brings the story to life in all its naked outrage, getting naked herself several times and earning an Oscar nomination in the process. If only they had had Anatomy Awards back then!

Christin Sawyer Davis
THE SKINNY:Robin Wright Penn is the titular Pippa Lee, a happy and successful fifty-year-old New York publisher who has a nervous breakdown when her much older husband (Alan Arkin) has them to move to a suburban retirement community and has an affair with someone even younger than she is in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009). The cast includes TA-listers Julianne Moore, Monica Bellucci, Winona Ryder, and Blake Lively, who engages in a lesbian spanking scene with Christin Sawyer Davis, who gets topless. They should have called it The Public Privates of Strippa Lee!

NUDES:Vickie Benson, Sherilyn Fenn
THE SKINNY: A quintessentially '80s cast appears in the high-octane ghost story The Wraith (1986). Charlie Sheen stars as Jamie, a teen whose demise comes at the hands of a jealous, evil bully (Nick Cassavetes). Caught romancing the creep’s girlfriend (Sherilyn Fenn), Jamie is swiftly and brutally dispatched. He’s quickly reincarnated as “The Wraith”--a ghostly black muscle car that appears one evening to drag race against Packard (Cassavetes) and his gang. Instead of merely beating them on the strip, The Wraith goes one further by giving them a taste of their own medicine. Come for the hot rods and stick around for the hot bods: Fenn gets her career started with a bang as she strips down for the ready and willing Sheen.