Each Tuesday, be sure to check in with Mr. Skin to get the complete skinny right here on the hottest DVD releases. Here is the randy round-up for the week of February 17, 2009.

NUDES: Cristel Dominguez (breasts) (Picture-), Tricia Bergan (breasts) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: The raunchy sports-themed comedy Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach stars Seann William Scott as Gary Houseman, a tennis coach who takes over the ailing program at a high school that only cares about football. With his unorthodox methods, including treating his players to lap dances with topless girls, Coach Gary builds up the tennis players’ confidence so he can take them to state finals. Along with tennis, Balls Out also serves up some nice skin from topless Tijuana performer Cristel Dominguez and Tricia Bergan. Be careful, you might get tennis elbow from working your forehand!

STUDIO: Koch Vision
NUDES: Kika Markham (breasts) (Picture-1), Phoebe Nicholls (right breast, bush, butt) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: From British television visionary Dennis Potter comes Blade on the Feather, a tale of espionage in which Daniel Young (Tom Conti) drops in on retired crime kingpin Jason Cavendish (Donald Pleasence), who turns out to have bigger connections than just those of a mere crook. As the psychological cat-and-mouse game plays out, Kika Markham and Phoebe Nicholls add sensual spice to the proceedings in a most skintriguing fashion.

STUDIO: Universal
NUDE: Angelina Jolie (left breast, butt) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: Not to be confused with the beloved George C. Scott thriller The Changeling (1980), director Clint Eastwood’s Changeling studies Angelina Jolie as the distraught parent of a missing child in 1920s Los Angeles. When the LAPD return a boy to the grieving mom, it becomes apparent soon enough that he is not her son, but the mother’s protests lead only to misery and an official cover-up. Changeling is heavy going to be sure, but Angelina lightens the darkest corners of this downbeat tale as only she can: by showing off her beyond-perfect butt cheeks.

CHOKE (2008)
STUDIO: Fox Searchlight Pictures
NUDES: Paz de la Huerta (butt) (Picture-1), Gillian Jacobs (breasts) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: Based on an outrageous novel by cult author Chuck Pahlahniuk, Choke stars Sam Rockwell as Victor Mancini, a sex addict and Colonial-theme-park performer who cons wealthy restaurant patrons out of cash by pretending to choke on his food. Victor uses the money to pay for his demented mother’s medical care, and all goes smoothly until she reveals a wild secret about his true father. Along the way, Victor comes (hard) across a number of foxy recovering females while working on his sex addiction, including one beautifully embodied by Bijou Phillips. Choke will have you choking your chicken. Cock-a-doodle-doo see it!

STUDIO: Universal
NUDE: Lisa Lynds (right breast, butt) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: Originally released as Mr. Gibb in 2006, this drama tells the story of high-school teacher Ronald Gibb (Tim Daly) and how the kidnapping of one of his students turns his life around. Two years later, it was re-released as The Good Student to capitalize on the popularity of Heroes star . Hayden doesn’t get naked here, but we do get a very quick look at Lisa Lynds’s butt and one boob as she gets it on with some guy in a tub. There’s something floating in here!

NUDES: Charlotte Devaney (breasts)
THE SKINNY: The publishing world is notoriously cutthroat, and as up-and-coming writer Sidney Young, British funnyman Simon Pegg learns he must eat or be eaten after he lands a plum position at an upscale New York City magazine. Unfortunately for Sidney, his abrasive personality and knack for ridiculous malarkey following him don’t exactly add up to overwhelming success in business. Instead he learns How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. Though lucky for us, some of these friends and people include giggling golden girl Kirsten Dunst as a cute coworker, nudecomer Charlotte Devaney in a teasing topless turn, and libido-stoking rising starlet Megan Fox as . . . a libido-stoking rising starlet.

STUDIO: Vivendi Entertainment
NUDE: Hutchi Hancock (right breast) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: Writer-director James Ricardo stars as the titular loser who has no luck with women in the “anti-romantic” comedy Opie Gets Laid. April Wade portrays a pot peddler who takes pity on Opie and aims to hook him up with a date, but then they start getting it onmuch to the chagrin of her lesbian lover. This opens a floodgate for our hero, who begins also nailing girl-lover Dakota (Ute Werner), porn-store clerk Rain (Jesselynn Desmond), and chronic masturbator Brandi (Samantha Turk). For all the action, though, only Hutchi Hancock shows skin, and it’s just her right hooter. Still, Opie Gets Laid is worth a look.

STUDIO: Unknown
NUDES: Julia Jentsch (breasts) (Picture-1), Petra Hrebckov (breasts) (Picture-1), Zuzana Fialova (right breast) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: Adapted from a novel by Bohumil Hrabal, acclaimed Czech director Jiri Menzel’s I Served the King of England is the story of Jan Child (Oldrich Kaiser), who reflects on his life in pursuit of being one of the greatest hotel managers the world has ever known. I Served then shows us Jan’s experiences from the 1930s onward, with his hotel changing along with the rest of the world, especially during World War II. Of course, any worthwhile hotel contains rooms packed with naked women, and here we can check in and check out Julia Jentsch, Petra Hrebckov, and Zuzana Fialova at their loveliest.