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Selena: The Series

Selena: The Series (2020-2021)

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When you comb through the history of Tejano music, there is one name that is the Madonna, the Lady Gaga, and the Beyoncé all wrapped up into one and she became the "Queen of Tejano Music", and that was Selena.  Literally there was no bigger star in a genre of music than Selena Quintanilla, who was not only a massively successful Grammy winning singer/songwriter, she was also a model, spokeswoman, actress, and fashion icon whose rise to the top of the charts in the 1990s helped bring a whole new audience to Mexican-American music.  This new series from Netflix follows the life of the late mega-star as she rises to fame.  As Selena (Christian Serratos) starts with humble roots in her family band lead by her controlling father and family members who see her as a true talent, to her secretive relationship and eventual elopement with guitarist Chris Pérez, to her ill-fated relationship with one of her biggest fans.  It's a story of fame, fortune, success, and tragedy that if it wasn't a true story, would almost be too much to actually believe!  Christian Serratos definitely personifies the late singer who was regularly called the "Tejano Madonna" with style and grace and even sports her signature bra like tops throughout the series while performing on stage.  She is just as much of a stick of dynamite as the real-life Selena and this series is definitely worthy of a watch just for her, but with any luck it will introduce the unknowing to the brilliant music of an icon we lost far too soon!