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Screwed (2013)

Brief Nudity

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Screwed (2013) kind of screwed us in the skin department, but it's still a pretty funny flick! This raunchy comedy follows a guy named Will (Kurt David Anderson) who has just sold his prized comic book collection to get enough cash for an engagement ring. But just when he's about to pop the question to his girlfriend Jen (Brianna Brown), he walks in on her in bed with another dude. But when he confronts her, she doesn't say their relationship was a bad one, just that Will was a bad lay. Like, really bad. God awful, even. When he makes some calls to every ex he's had sex with, it become clear that Jen wasn't being mean, Will is a complete waste of a perfectly good peen! Yes, he's absolute trash when it comes to pleasuring gash. He stinks at putting the dink in the pink! He's failing when it comes to railing! Luckily, he comes across an old VHS tape claiming to turn any loser into a lothario in the bedroom. Desperate to give better D, he studies the sex tape over and over again. But when Will falls in love with a new, nice girl named Emma (Julie McNiven), he starts to panic. Can he give her the big O, or is she going to be the next lovely lady to leave him due to his big bedroom disappointment? For a sex comedy, there's a disappointing lack of skin in this flick! Brianna Brown does everything she can to get things cooking, showing off some sensational cleavage in two different bras: a black one she wears while riding our disappointing dude, and a red one she brings out for the wild sex she has while cheating on Will. Still, Brianna's reluctance to lose her bra makes this ultimately disappointing. It's kind of hard to get Screwed if you refuse to get nude!