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Scream Queens (2015-2016)

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Before we get into the plot of the deliciously campy television series Scream Queens, we need to understand a little about the genius behind the raucousness, Ryan Murphy. The producer has a knack for mixing and matching the who’s who as well as the who are they of Hollywood in his television shows, creating truly unexpected and electrifying ensemble casts. Under Murphy’s directing prowess celebrities are afforded the opportunity to display hidden facets of their talents, and lucky for us he picks hotties such as Connie Britton, Kelly Carlson, and Angela Bassett to reap the career benefits.

If you’ve seen Ryan’s other shows such as Nip/Tuck and American Horror Story, you know that he is the king of campy, gory fun that’s provocative yet always at least a little tongue in cheek (though some seasons of AHS are a notably heavier on the horror). You’ll also notice that he has the ability to highlight women that you didn’t even realize you needed in your life. For example, if you’re like us Emma Roberts from AHS does major things for you in your pants.

In Scream Queens Ryan continues his love affair with the aforementioned Roberts by featuring her as the queen bee of the most popular sorority at the fictitious Wallace University. The elitist, bitchy bad girl is buttressed by young hotties Keke Palmer, Breezy Eslin, Lea Michele, Brianna Howey and Skyler Samuels. The girls of Kappa House are plagued by mysterious murders, and the self-aware show, as the title would suggest, becomes a slasher send-up with a sexy campus setting when bodies start piling up on campus.   

The best thing about a show being set at a sorority house is the opportunity to witness collegiate success and sisterly bonds that last a lifetime. Kidding! As well all know, sororities equal babes equal boners, and Ryan Murphy has sure jam-packed Scream Queens with some of the hottest bods in the business. Although we don’t have any butts or boobs so far, we have plenty of scantily clad sorority sister action that is sure to have your junk screaming in delight.