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Samm Croft

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Great Nudity!

Keywords: Great Nudity!, White, Red Hair, Small Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

Nude Roles: 3

Birthplace: Richmond, British Columbia, CA

Date of Birth: 02/24/66

AKA: Sam Croft, Yvette Faulkner


Samm Croft burst (out) onto the Skintertainment Scene in 2001 when she landed a one-episode gig on the incredibly sexy, often gratuitously-nude Showtime series Lady Chatterley’s Stories. Her nearly naked turn on the show was only a hint of things to come… Speaking of “things coming,” Samm’s appearances on celluloid was in the straight-to-video releases Beauty Betrayed in 2002 and Wicked Sins in 2001. Sure, they're your standard middle-of-the-pack Softcore “thrillers” with all the usual red herrings and plot snafus but with Samm in the leading role as the clothing-challenged police detective detective on the case, it’s more than worth the watch. Not only does Ms. Croft bare every inch of her voluptuous body in the flick but the likes of Lorraine Spaughton, Nadia Foster, Victoria Style and Goldie add some bouncing boobage to the mix for good measure. If seeing all of these women in casual states of undress isn’t enough to make a feller want to shell out a rental fee, then we don’t know what will!