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S#x Acts

S#x Acts (2013)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Jonathan Gurfinkel
  • Theatrical Release: 04/18/2013
  • Country: Israel
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The Israeli film S#x Acts (2013) is one of those clever titles with more than one meaning. The very obvious meaning is, of course, Sex Acts, which we all know and love, but the more elusive meaning is actually Six Acts, which refers to the fact that the film is broken up into six distinct chapters—or acts. The film centers on Gili (Sivan Levy), a high school senior who moves to a new school for her final year, hoping to improve upon the reputation she had at her previous school. In an attempt to climb the social ladder right away, she hooks up with the most popular guy in school, Tomer (Roy Nik). Her plan works and before she knows it, she's on her way up the social ladder. However, when Tomer loses interest, his best friend steps in and makes a move on Gili which she reciprocates. Of course, this quick turnaround on her part begins to earn her a certain reputation for being a woman of loose morals, threatening to completely upend the image she was attempting to cultivate in the first place. Gili must now learn the hard way that we can hardly control our own reputations and however hard we fight against labels, society at large will label us all anyway. Sivan Levy sports a number of sexy outfits throughout the film, showing off her lean and mean bikini body several times in the flick and also flashing her breasts for a guy in the bathroom! S#x Acts will definitely please your S#x inches!