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Rats and Cats (2007)

Brief Nudity

Alexis Porter (0:17) In bed, Jason Gann takes off the bra of Alexis Porter and we see her right breast as she squeezes it. We then see her left breast in the next shot of them while she’s on top riding him and soon enough both breasts.   (1:14) Jason Gann is screwing Alexis Porter in bed and we get a shaded, but very nice look at her bouncing breasts under him. We cut away briefly to a crowd of people but then back to him pumping and her breasts bouncing. After he’s finish he climbs off of her and we get a fabulous look at her breasts while she lies there passed out.   (1:16) Alexis Porter lies unconsciously in bed with her breasts exposed. So me girls try to revive her with one of them first covering her chest.


Alexis Porter

Nude - as Tanyabreasts

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