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You’ll have to go Beyond Re-Animator (2003) to get a good look at the rack-a-licious Raquel Gribler and her pair of lovely Hispanic nibblers, but it’s a trip you won’t mind making. Aside from Raquel’s royal rackage, you’re in for a heaping helping of sick humor and gore galore. What more do you need? In it (her first ever film), Raquel unsheathes her hooters for a truly disturbed doofus, who promptly bites into her nip like it was made of chocolate! Ack! Still, a partially chewed chest rocket is better than none at all, plus Raquel’s got that south-of-the-border sexiness that makes her sequences of skingoria that much more entertaining. Beyond Beyond Re-Animator, Raquel appeared in the TV series Señor Alcalde (Lord Mayor), Médico de familia (Family Doctor), El comisario (The Commissioner), Antivicio (Vice), Hospital Central, Aquí no hay quien viva (There is No One Living Here), Sin tetas no hay paraíso (Without Breasts there is No Paradise), La familia Mata (The Mata Family), and U.C.O.; the movies The Missing Lynx (2008), The Consul of Sodom (2009), and Mr. Nice (2010); and the short film La conjura de los locos (The Conspiracy of the Mad) (2003). Believe it or not, Mr. Skin hasn't found Raquel's rack in any of those projects! Worse that that, she hasn't appeared in anything in over a decade, save for the video short Greatest Monster-Human Sex Scenes (2017) which replays her Beyond Re-Animator exposure. Here’s hoping we get to see Ms. Gribler again soon...because those giblets need to be tasted!