I have been watching the series Dead Ringers on Amazon, the Cronenberg series that attempts to take his 1988 Dead Ringers and turn it into a series starring Rachel Weisz as both of the twins. This update is fantastic! It honestly works way better and that is partially because of how amazing Rachel Weisz is at playing both twins. She also looks amazing...and one of the twins is a lesbian.

That made me realize: that Rachel Weisz appears to be doing a lot of lesbian scenes lately. From 2018 onward, Rachel has been playing lesbian characters. It is certainly titillating! And it looks like she enjoys it, too. Do we think that Rachel currently prefers playing lesbians? It really does feel that way. With that in mind, let's look at Rachel's lesbian scenes.

Rachel Weisz's Lesbian Scenes

Now I should note that Rachel Weisz is no stranger to nudity. In recent years, however, Rachel Weisz has repeatedly entered Mr. Skin's database with lesbian scenes. Prior to that, she was playing the dark-haired seductress of every man's dreams. With her pouty red lips, thick jet-black hair, and hourglass figure Rachel has been an absolute bombshell ever since she began taking off her clothes in the 90s.

While she is not taking off her clothes nearly as often anymore, she really looks amazing. She appears to be aging naturally and it is definitely working on her. She looks gorgeous as both twins and she is skincredibly seductive. She used to be every man's dream. But now? She is pulling men AND women. We are all prey to Rachel's charms.

Dead Ringers

David Cronenberg's series is based on his late 80s film that was based on the novel Twins which was based on a really twisted true crime mystery about two wealthy gynecologist twins in New York City whose hedonistic lifestyle came to an end when both brothers mysteriously died - days apart - in the ritzy Manhattan apartment that they shared together. That's a mouthful, I know. There is nudity in that film, but the twins are played by men.

Rachel Weisz's Lesbian Scenes

Cronenberg corrects his mistakes with this hot series where twin sisters, Beverly and Elliot Mantle, are famous gynecologists in Manhattan. One sister is a glutton - she is obsessed with sex, cocaine, and everything that offers instant gratification. She is also doing fertility experiments that the FDA does not approve of.

The other sister is Type A, but she also explodes in rage from time to time. She starts banging a famous actress played by Britne Oldford (whom her more flirtatious sister "gets for her" by pretending to be her during the pickup process). This relationship threatens her sister and it leads to the pair turning against one another.


This 2018 film brought together two amazing Rachels: Weisz and McAdams. They both play Orthodox Jewish women who had a secret affair years ago. When they are reunited, they can't help themselves from reigniting their passion. I can't blame either of them. Both women are charming, beautiful, and very good at playing lesbians.

Rachel Weisz's Lesbian Scenes

Rachel Weisz's Lesbian Scenes

The Favourite

Here is another film that is based on a true story and by a shocking director. Yorgos Lanthimos made it to the mainstream with his Oscar-nominated retelling of Queen Anne. Anne sleeps with Rachel Weisz's character, a noblewoman in her court, until a new handmaiden worms her way into Queen Anne's court. This threatens Rachel, but the new woman is played by Emma Stone in a truly skincredible role.

Rachel Weisz's Lesbian Scenes

Emma Stone or Rachel Weisz? Now that's a difficult choice. No wonder Olivia Colman wanted both!