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Party Plane

Party Plane (1991)

Great Nudity!


A failing airline pulls out of the red with the addition of naked girls in Party Plane (1991). Ace Condor (Stan Yale) founded Condor airlines to service the Big Boy Condom Company for their special deliveries. But when Ace dies and the Big Boy pulls out of the deal, Ace's daughter Judy (Karen Annarino) is left with an old, rickety plane. But have no fear, the co-pilot Humongous (Travis McKenna) comes up with the brilliant idea to charter flights featuring stripping stewardesses and saves the day. Get ready for some extra friendly skies with Laura Albert, Karen Annarino, Jill Johnson, Iris Condon, and Renee Way showing off their amazing overhead compartments. Plus Jacklyn Palmer brings her pillows and fluffy muff to a hot tub soak with her topless gal-pals. They’ll give you turbulence in your pants!