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Over Christmas

Over Christmas (2020)

Brief Nudity


Over Christmas (2020) is a German TV mini-series about a man named Bastian who comes back home for Christmas which will be his first holiday without his ex. He is tired of his job and his music career that appears to be going nowhere, so he heads back home to his hometown to spend time with his family in order to rejuvenate his lonely feelings. That turns out to be the very worst idea because when he goes home he discovers that his brother is now dating his ex-girlfriend. The timeline here doesn't entirely make sense, but it's what is happening and it turned out to be a surprise to Basti. Not only that, but his parents also have some new secrets of their own that they are hiding from their son. Seyneb Saleh plays Karina - who is not the ex, so don't worry you don't have to feel any negative feelings toward her - and is drop-dead gorgeous with her long brown locks and tall, lean figure. Her jugs aren't bad either! She gets out of bed topless, unfurling the comforter and the sheets to show her bare bazongas. Her boobs look skincredible as she stands up while only wearing her sleek black panties. Her panties really showcase her long legs and her delicious buns. She then slips on her jeans as she very casually tells Bastian that she has to get going. Don't say anything more about Seyneb. All you need to say is that she is super hot!