One the best buxom blonde bombshells of the new millennium, Alice Eve has been an object of desire for men everywhere since the moment she first turned up on screen. The London native turns 36 on February 6, making her the perfect candidate for this week's Actress of the Week!

Of course, we all went nuts over her topless debut in 2009's Crossing Over, a film that managed to make us all envious of Ray Liotta for the first time in a long time! She spent a lot of time toiling in films that only your girlfriend wanted to watch like Sex and the City 2, but then moved into the geek stratosphere thanks to her appearances in such franchises as Entourage, Men in Black, Black Mirror, and of course a devastatingly sexy turn as Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness!  

I'm sure we've all gone gaga over her nude scenes, but what's your favorite Alice Eve non-nude scene? For me, it's got to be The Raven, just because she's got a pair of breasts that were made for a corset! How about you? Check out the gallery below and then sound off in the comments section with your favorite non-nude Alice Eve scene, film, or role!  

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