Get ready folks, because this is gonna knock your dick in the dirt! Absolutely ageless actress Heather Graham is celebrating her 48th birthday today! Hachi machi! What better person to pick as our Actress of the Week for this week, as she's been fueling our fantasies for over 30 years—that's right kids, License to Drive turns 30 this year!

I'll never forget when Heather popped up at the end of Swingers to remind you how gorgeous she was—I hadn't seen her in anything since Twin Peaks at that point. Then the following year, she goes fantastically fully nude in Boogie Nights and cements her status as our collective dream girl. Four years later, she'd hold nothing back in the otherwise forgettable Killing Me Softly, showing off her amazing nude body while banging noted Prince lookalike Joseph Fiennes.

Not long after that, I lost track of her again until she turned up in The Hangover looking as though she hadn't aged a day in the eight years since Killing Me Softly. Since then, I've really enjoyed her turns on Californication and Flaked, and I can't wait to see what she does next! Heather just keeps getting better and better, so let us know your favorite Heather Graham moments in the comments section below!

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