Celebrating her 53rd birthday today, Diane Lane is undeniably one of the hottest women to ever appear in movies. The fact that she loved getting nude on film was like the sweetest icing on an already gloriously put together cake. With 12 nude roles to her name, let's take a look back at some of her bestnude scenes from a career that goes all the way back to the early 80s!

As with most actresses, I suppose the first nude scene of theirs that you see sticks with you the longest. I first remember seeing Diane nude in Chaplin, and then wanting immediately to see more of her nude work—a difficult task in the days before Mr. Skin. I imagine that like most of you, I find her nude scenes in Unfaithful to be the best in her career. She obviously had done a lot of nudity prior to that film, but there was something about how comfortable she was in her body and in being nude that adds a level of sexiness to that performance which puts it over the top.

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