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Octavio Is Dead

Octavio Is Dead (2018)

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Octavio is Dead (2018) follows Tyler, a woman whose father died before he got the chance to get to know him. Tyler believes her father is now haunting her, but she also takes the opportunity to attempt to get to know him by dressing up as a boy in her spare time and impersonating him. Sarah Gadon stars as the leading lady who looks amazing even after she cuts her hair. We see her naked at one point, squatting down and washing with a hose as her thigh covers her crotch. Her boobs are visible, making her look like a real woman! We see Sarah's panties a few times, like when she has sex with a guy. In one scene she unwraps her chest bandages to reveal her lady lumps and her bush is just slightly visible in this dark scene. She isn't the only nude hottie, however. Rosanna Arquette plays her mother who reveals some cleavage when she climbs into bed beside her grieving daughter. Her daughter has pokies in this scene, too! Who cares about Octavio? We are all about these two gals.