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Nirgendwo ist Poenichen

No Nudity

This oddly titled German family drama is based on Christiane Brückner’s bestselling novels. It opens in December of 1945 with the pregnant Maximiliane (Ulrike Bliefert) and her four little children struggling to get to Kassel. This is where their family owns a castle called “Eyckel.” When they finally arrive several other homeless relatives are already there, and on Christmas Eve Maximiliane gives birth to her daughter Mirka (Bettina Friedrich). After a two-year stay at Eyckel, Maximiliane and her five children continue their quest by travelling to Marburg. The rest of the story details the adventures of the family over the next two decades, so if you’re intrigued by this kind of stuff it is not unlikely that you will be well entertained by catchingNirgendwo ist ein PoenichenNudity Report: None that I know of. However, supporting actress Ute Christensen (she plays one of Maximiliane’s daughters) can be seen in almost all her glory on various other occasions including the highly acclaimed episode Peggy hat Angst of the famous Tatort series.

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