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Narcosatanicos Asesinos

Narcosatanicos Asesinos (1990)

Great Nudity!


Narcosatanicos Asesinos (1991) is a Mexican sex comedy about a middle aged man who made a pact with the devil and has been transformed into a super gigolo who has been having sex with women for over 2000 years. As he nears the end of his deal, he tries to bargain for more time so that he can keep up with this sexy new crop of women that have him more excited to still be alive than ever! Apart from the fact that the film's hero looks like a withered Mexican Dudley Moore, the bevy of babes who bare their bods in this film definitely elevate its score. First there's the delicious Rosario Escobar who bares he beautiful boobs and even her bush as she wrestles with the old man in the sack. Then there's Jacaranda Alfaro who goes the extra mile and bares all three b's, flashing her fun bags, fanny and even some fur as she bangs the dude. This Mexican farce will have you juicing your junior luchador!