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Murder for Pleasure

Murder for Pleasure (2014)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Murder for Pleasure includes a warning right in its official synopsis that it is "for all the blood, gore and filth lovers out there, this film is NOT for the faint of heart." This flick spins a yarn for us about Victor (Nick Bender), a man who has turned into a vicious killer after witnessing his parents' murder at the age of 7. His destructive rampage seems to know no end, but when he comes across a seemingly innocent girl named Maxi (Andrea Iazzetto), he might be persuaded to view her as a human instead of just another victim. Early on in the flick, we see Victor in action when he brings Lizette Haro back to his place for some good old fashioned doggystyle! Lizette whips out her tits, but not long after finds herself the latest victim of Victor's rampage! In that same scene, Denise Drakoulis shows some backburger, making us a victim to her seduction. We also get more nudity from such beauties as Tiffany Lyons, Ola Nordmann, Krista Canali, and some skingoria from Kayla Sunshine Bowers! We prefer pleasure over murder, and thankfully this flick has plenty of the former!