The film portion of the South by Southwest festival wraps up today in Austin, Texas, and Mr. Skin's Skin Skouts have been hard at work all week screening the newest and nudest films for your peter-pulling pleasure! Here's the skinny on some of our chubby-inducing favorites:

Viva Riva! (2010) is the action-packed tale of a secret cache of gas in the Democratic Republic of Congo that everyone (including the church and the government) is fighting over. Patsha Bay is a lone wolf trying to stay three steps ahead of everyone else, and Manie Malone is the wanton gang moll that is his obsession. Viva Riva! features plenty of African anatomy from Manie and her Sapphic gal pals.

A pair of buddies prepare for the apocalypse by building a desert arsenal in Bellflower (2011). This testosterone-fueled actioner gets a feminine touch from Rebekah Brandes' left teat and from Jessie Wiseman, who bares jiggling jugs and hairy beaver getting screwed by a dude in a scene sure to launch your missle.

A group of teens get locked inside their school (horrors!) in the supernatural thriller Detention (2010). You'll be asking for the hall pass with all the bras and bikinis sported by nudecomers Spencer Locke, Shanley Caswell and Kate Kelton, plus a porntastic cameo from Ron Jeremy and Brooke Haven.

Things aren't so great for disabled Iraq vet Michael Cuomo in Happy New Year (2010), but a scene where he and his VA buddies visit a strip club will put a smile on your face.

A celebrity impersonator gets her big break as herself in the Brazilian film Riscado (2010). There's no nudity in this flick, but when star Gisele Froes does her Bettie Page impression, you'll have a raging retro boner. Also non-nude but notable is the indie rock comedy You Instead (2011), which features a backstage girl-on-girl makeout session that'll really raise your mic stand.

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