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Melaza (2012)

No Nudity

(0:18) A better, closer look at Yaité Ruiz in the midriff-baring top and little shorts. As she looks out the window and kneels on a bed we see the bottom of her buns.  (0:19) We can see some brief panties under Yaité Ruiz's skirt from the front while sitting on the bed. (0:26) A little cleavage on Yuliet Cruz sitting at her desk on the phone.  (1:04) Yaité Ruiz in little shorts again and a top that exposes her bra.  (1:10) Yuliet Cruz is in the bathroom being washed by a guy behind her. She is sitting upright in a fetal position and we see some right side boob.


Yaité Ruiz

Nude - as Yamilébutt, underwear

Yuliet Cruz

Sexy - as MónicaSexy

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