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Mary Randle

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Brief Nudity

Keywords: Brief Nudity, Black, Black Hair, Large Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, US

Date of Birth: 04/08/72


Mary’s career shot skyward in 2000 when she landed her first Skinematic role in Hollow Man. Although the film fizzled at the Box Office, Mary’s name made the marquee and she’s since enjoyed quite a notable bit o’ fame. Sure, her roles in Phone Booth and Zigzag were minor supporting characters and one-time guest appearances on series like Providence and According to Jim (Which, according to viewers, needed to be canceled) do not a superstar make. However, we have seen the light, so to speak and are just waiting for that magical day when Mary hits “the Big Time” in her own right… Until that day, though, we’re just going to have to keep watching our copy of Hollow Man, which features the closest thing Mary has ever done to actual on-screen nudity. Seeing as Kevin Bacon is invisible in the film and spends most of his time gawking at naked women (It was directed by Paul “Showgirls” Verhoeven, after all…) while he is transparent, it’s inevitable that we’ll at least get a glimpse of Mary’s ass-ets, which we do when she squats on a john to take a leak. Nah, it isn’t all that hot but that booty has us transfixed…