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Maria Mathiesen made her only appearance on celluloid in the 1997 thriller Insomnia. This, of course, is the same Norwegian picture, brought to the viewing public by director/screenwriter Erik Skjoldbjærg of Prozac Nation fame, that inspired the Christopher Nolan-directed, Al Pacino/Robin Williams-starring remake in 2002. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that it’s an excellent film, it didn’t do a whole lot to boost Maria’s career and she’s been mired in undeserved obscurity ever since. Nevertheless, she managed to pique our collective peaks with a few peeks at her hefty handfuls in her role as one of the victims of the psychotic killer around whom the movie revolves. Sure, we only get a look at her hooters when she’s laying on an autopsy table but remember that it’s just “acting,” folks and tits are tits are tits. We here at Skin Central would certainly like to see Maria make a triumphant return to acting, particularly in another Skinful role but we’re not holding our breath…although we’re willing to try anything for another (preferably more lively) look at her rib-pillows!