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Loveline has existed in its radio incarnation since 1984. From its humble beginnings as a Sunday-night relationship advice show on (then) small L.A. alt-rock station KROQ, it has grown exponentially into a nationally syndicated powerhouse playing five nights a week. Loveline is a beacon for stoned and horny teenagers everywhere, a place where they can call in with their usually idiotic sex questions and be guaranteed one serious answer courtesy of straight man Dr. Drew Pinsky and one smart-ass diatribe from co-host Adam Carolla. While Dr. Drew has been a fixture on the show almost from its inception, it has gone through a few co-hosts, from founder Jim Trenton a.k.a. “The Poorman,” to MTV alumnus Rikki Rachtman. But it was only after Carolla came aboard that things started to pick up. A TV spin-off was inevitable, and in 1996 Loveline made the move to MTV, where it played out for four years before cancellation in 2000. Although the basic premise remained the same, the TV version was filmed with a live audience and featured a series of female co-hosts. None of them lasted very long, but they were all easy on the eyes, including regular softcore nudity staple Carmen Electra (who poured milk all over her perfect and very lactose-tolerant rack in The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven). Carmen was followed by Diane Farr, sexy stand-up comedienne Laura Kightlinger, and Catherine McCord. The television incarnation was never as fun, edgy, or spontaneous as its radio roots, since like most MTV programming it was too slick and overproduced. Although the MTV version did not last, the radio show continues on strong and remains the most entertaining forum for penis and vagina talk on the air today.