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Lillith (2019)

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Lillith (2019) is a horror film from director Lee Esposito who also co-wrote the script with Luke Stannard. A young woman named Jenna catches her long-term boyfriend of several years cheating. Uh oh! She wants revenge and is not sure exactly what to do at first, so she decides to consult some magic. She is not a witch nor does she really understand magic, but she tries her hand at it anyway. The vengeance comes in the form of a nasty sex demon named Lillith who begins a revenge campaign filled with sex and blood. Oh my! Jenna never goes nude, but her friends do. There are tons of lovely lesbian scenes to watch in this hot movie. Lily Telford plays Kim who makes out with her delicious female co-star. Robin Carolyn Parent may as well be a MILF (it's a parent joke - she is not an actual MILF...yet) as Emma who is the co-star that Lily makes out with. The two of them are in their bras and panties as they totally suck face. They are making us want a suck from these sapphic sexpots as well. They aren't the only hotties! Savannah Whitten is the titular Lillith who actually shows the least amount of her delicious body. This ravenous redhead gets banged by a dude, but she is underneath him so we can't really see her body underneath his. We can kind of see sideboob at one point, but it's mostly just the suggestion of her beautiful body.