Liah O'Prey is a Spanish actress of French and Irish descent who is steaming up our screens in the historical drama Domina about the wife of Roman emperor Caesar. The series takes place in ancient Rome, but don't worry. It's no history class. The togas are coming off to show Liah's nude body!

Liah O’Prey’s Historic Nude Scenes

Liah plays young Julia and she manages to get nude twice, giving us some historic hooter and hiney action to drool over. In a candlelit scene, she undresses and flaunts her beautiful buns. In another scene, she takes everything off outside and shows her breasts. All roads lead to Liah's domes.

Liah O’Prey’s Historic Nude ScenesLiah O’Prey’s Historic Nude Scenes

People are loving her, searching for her on the website to see her nude scenes again and again. Hey, I've got you covered. Have I ever steered you wrong? Watch one of her two Domina nude scenes here: