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Lance et compte

Lance et compte (2015)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Lance et Compte is a French Canadian drama mini-series that follows the Quebec Nationals hockey team, focusing on the lives of the players and coaches, on and off the ice.  The lovely, French Canadian actress Lise Martin costars as the girlfriend of one of the players and in one scene we get to witness the privilege of late night Canadian TV:  nudity.  In one scene, we see Martin's boyfriend walk up behind her while she's looking out a window.  He spins her around to reveal her white, almost sheer blouse, that showcases a nice handful of breasts and luscious pink nipples.  Her boyfriend then picks her up and cross checks her up against the window (a hockey move, indeed), giving her penalty box a good working over,  the way hockey players do.  In another scene, the two are back for another power play and this time, Martin is the dominant one as she rides her captain hard.  She playfully puts a thumb in his mouth to suck as he reaches up and fondles her pucks.  The scene is passionate, shot in various speeds, as the couple continues to ravage each other, eventually laying on the bed in a post coital discussion.