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Kirstie started her career as “Girl” in the less-than-memorable British “Selling-Kidnapped-Girls-as-Sex-Slaves-to-Sheiks” picture White Cargo way back in 1973. Shortly thereafter, Kirstie packed up her bootie and high-tailed it to Germany for a much more noteworthy role in 1974’s Der Letzte Schrei. The part didn’t make her a superstar by a long shot but we here at Skin Central came to appreciate it for one very simple aspect: it’s loaded with gratuitous nudity. Perhaps they didn’t have a costume budget… Hollywood take note! In any case, Kirstie shows off every inch of her incredible bod in the flick, including some pants-tenting full-frontal shots and more simulated sex than one can shake one’s stick at. Unfortunately, Kirstie’s career didn’t go much further than that and after a few guest spots on various British television series and an exceptionally brilliant appearance as Eva Braun in the hit mini-series War and Remembrance in 1989, she dropped off the Skin Central Skin-o-Scope. Good thing we can get her up on our old TV screens whenever we want!


Der Letzte Schrei (1974) - as Jella

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