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Killer Waves (2016)

Brief Nudity

(0:07) Nicolle Blair and Michelle Serje in bikini tops and little shorts at the beach.
(0:10) Nadia White in bikini top. She then takes it off for a photographer showing her breasts.
(0:20) BRUNETTE on the bed removes her bra to show her breasts. A guy promptly jumps on top of her and grabs her chest. Then she is being screwed from behind by the guy on the bed. See just a hint of buns as the blanket is around her. Some slight bouncy right sideboob but then another shot of her breasts when she screams as the guy gets a chainsaw to his nuts.
(0:23) Nice cleavage of GLASSES BLUE HAIR as she is killed.
(0:27) Nicolle Blair in a bikini top and little shorts in the kitchen hitting on a guy,
(0:36) SHAVED HEAD takes off her T-shirt and exposes her breasts. (She has a big dragon tattoo on her right shoulder and arm.)
(0:40) Genoveva Rossi in a bikini top doing a video testimonial.
(0:43) Nicolle Blair and Michelle Serje in bikini tops sitting on the beach.
(0:44) Nicolle Blair is in the bathroom in her bikini top taking selfies of herself. She undoes her top but covers up her right breast with her hand. But then it comes off and we see her breasts. Then she takes down her shorts to display her buns and we get a look at her bush as she closes the glass on the shower. Then she gets locked in and in trying to get out is pressing her breasts against the shower glass. Then an overhead shot of her in the shower where we see her breasts and bush. She then gets an acid shower and begins disintegrating piece by piece.
(1:04) GIRL in the shower and we see her breasts. Then BLONDE in just her panties showing her breasts. Then BLUE HAIR #2 with her breasts exposed in the shower. Then back to GIRL showing her breasts as a guy sneaks up behind her to gently scrub her back. (Blue Hair #2 also has a number of tattoos on her right arm and Sam Coles-Medjesky credited as “Blue Crush Vicky” – google directs images immedialely to a number of different tattoo places.)
(1:13) Jennifer Maggio opens her top to display her breasts.


Nicolle Blair

Nude - as Jennibikini, breasts, bush, butt

Michelle Serje

Sexy - as N/Abikini

Nadia White

Nude - as Jennybikini, breasts

Genoveva Rossi

Sexy - as Cindy Rosebikini

Jennifer Maggio

Nude - as N/Abreasts

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