Of One Stupid Jerk

While life is filled with many uncertainties one thing that we know for sure is that Kate Beckinsale is incredibly hot and when she’s wearing little to no clothing, well, I don’t know if there is a word that truly describes that sight. But have you noticed that Kate Beckinsale hasn’t done a nude scene in a long time. There’s a reason and it’s sad and a little funny.  

Yes, it’s hard to believe someone as beautiful as Kate Beckinsale—who has done nudity in the past—would all of a sudden add in no-nudity clauses into all of her movie contacts. Here’s why:  

She once worked with a director who was so “cruel and horrible”, she peed in his Thermos because he had made her stand naked for a scene that was eventually cut from the movie. Since then, Beckinsale has a no-nudity clause in her contract.  

First off, props to Kate Beckinsale for going all Tyler Durden on this terrible director, but damn it that sucks. One jerk had to go and ruin it for the rest of us. Of course, she didn’t mention the name of the cruel and horrible director, but looking through her resume I think I have an idea of who it is and I already didn’t like this director before.  

I don’t know if there’s a director out there who can help Kate Beckinsale rediscover the awesomeness of doing nude scenes, but I’m pretty sure we’d all love if she would give the whole topless thing another go. I’m sure she would have a much better experience than the last time.