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Kajillionaire (2020)

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Kajillionaire (2020) comes from quirky writer and director Miranda July who delivers a fresh comedy with sexy stars. Debra Winger and Richard Jenkins play a con artist couple who have spent their entire life training their only daughter in becoming a con artist as well. Evan Rachel Wood plays their now twenty-six-year-old daughter, Old Dolio, who has learned to swindle just like them. Her parents have essentially treated her like an adult - an equal con artist - for her entire life and she has never thought twice about it until now. During one heist gone wrong, they wind up meeting a stranger named Melanie who joins in on their next scam because it sounds exciting. However, everything is turned upside down when she falls in love with Old Dolio and sees the ways in which a life of crime has actually harmed the lovely young lady. The stranger is played by the sexy Gina Rodriguez who becomes the savior that Old Dolio really needed to turn her life around. Through her new girlfriend, she can fully see everything that was missing from her life with her parents who were more concerned with scamming people than providing a loving world for their daughter. That being said, Evan Rachel Wood and Gina Rodriguez make a fetching couple! The two of them share a smooch while in line at a retail store that is worth Kajillion bucks! Can we cash out that kiss and get a lot more from them in the future?