More Like, Doctor Who Could Use Some Awesome Boobs, Amirite?

There’s a new Doctor Who and this time, she’s really freaking hot! If you haven’t heard, the 13th Doctor on Doctor Who has been announced and it’s Jodie Whittaker. I know the “purists” out there are upset because it’s a woman, but I’d like to counter that argument with a look at Jodie Whittaker’s pretty awesome nudity.

Jodie Whittaker is hot. No matter your opinion about the casting decision, you can’t argue with the fact that Jodie Whittaker is really freaking hot. And she’s got a couple of really awesome nude scenes to prove it. I’m not sure what one looks for in the perfect Doctor Who (if I’m being honest, I haven’t seen much of the show), but I would think that being super hot with a great pair of boobs and a nice rear end are pretty good qualifications for traveling through time and, you know, doing things. And Jodie Whittaker has some nice boobs and a great ass, so I feel she’s highly qualified. I think I might tune in now to Doctor Who in the hopes that maybe Jodie Whittaker will do some nude time traveling like in the Terminator movies. That sounds like a lot of fun, if you ask me.

Whether you are on board or ready to write a strongly worded comment on the internet, we should all take a moment and really give this decision some thought. And to help clear your head, why don’t you stare at Jodie Whittaker topless for a bit?