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Jason Goes to Hell

Jason Goes to Hell (1993)

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In the ninth installment of the ongoing Friday the 13th series, after he's gone to Manhattan but before he goes to space, Jason Goes to Hell (1993)! This one is subtitled The Final Friday, which is kind of confusing as Part IV is entitled Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1983), and it's also a total lie since there were so many more movies after this hugely divisive one. No matter. We all know it takes a lot to keep Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder) down. After setting up a pretty slick trap at Camp Crystal Lake, government authorities supposedly kill him with grenade launchers at the beginning of the flick. Unfortunately, a coroner eats his heart and becomes possessed by Jason's evil spirit. Ends up, he can do that, and if he does it to a member of the Voorhees family he'll become borderline unstoppable. Jason's got two options: Diana (Erin Gray) who dies while Jason chases her, or Jessica (Kari Keegan) who eventually gets ahold of a magic dagger that only a family member can use to put Jason down for good. How's it do that? It unleashes the souls he's killed to team up and drag him into Hell! Yes, we don't actually get to see Jason in Hell, which is pretty disappointing, but that's where he ultimately ends up. Worse, the end of the movie teases a Freddy vs. Jason battle that would take a Hell of a long time to come to fruition with about a decade coming between the ending and 2003's Freddy vs. Jason. But you won't have to wait long to bate, since Jason makes sure nobody at Camp Crystal Lake is canoodling just like he always does. As a hottie hopping into the bath, Julie Michaels uses her tremendous T&A as bait to lure Jason to his doom, since it ends up she's with the FBI! No such luck for Kari Keegan, who we see in a thong as she's getting dressed before running for her life. If you prefer the classic, topless camper setup then your girl is going to be Kathryn Atwood--whose marshmallows are seen roasting by an open fire, making happy campers of us all! Or you could examine the one who suffers a mid-coitus interruptus, this time the voluptuous Michelle Clunie who is riding on top of a dude in a tent until Jason penetrates her in a most unpleasant way. St. Peter doesn't look kindly on cockblocking when you get to the Pearly Gates! With all that action, Jason Goes to Hell is a Hell of a good time!