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All five feet and five inches of redhead Isabelle Fortea is both gorgeous and smart. She’s multilingual, with the ability to speak six languages—and Mr. Skin isn’t even counting the language of love, which she’s more than fluent in. The nudie cutie showed off her bedroom talents as Tatiana in Marilyn Chambers’ Bedtime Stories (1993), as well as her bathroom talents, with her perfect breasts pressed up against the glass door of a shower stall. The bodacious babe also had a skinematic success as Karen in the dramatic romance movie Affairs of the Heart (1992), where she once again revealed her luscious lovelies up top. In addition to these two skintillating titles, Isabelle played Donna in the comedy Bikini Bistro (1995), which also co-stars Marilyn Chambers, and bears the tagline “The waitresses are HOT! The service is delicious!” (P.S. Super-hottie Amy Lynn Baxter also appears with Isabelle in both Affairs and Bikini; be sure to check her out on Skin Central—she’s a Great Nudity! girl.) Fiery-haired firecracker Isabelle only had two more credits on her acting resume. She starred as Isabella in the drama movie Diamonds Are For Pleasure (a nice twist on the Bond film name Diamonds Are Forever, and Mr. Skin does appreciate a nice twist) in 1996. Rumor has it her co-star Dodd Rougeau, who played Brian, tried to get busy with Isabelle and she turned him down; the two didn’t speak to each other during filming unless it was for the cameras. Her last project was Rooftop Rendevous, a project so obscure, it has no plot, no release date, and no cast or crew information on IMDb except for Isabelle. And really, isn’t Isabelle all you really need?