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Hotel Desire

Hotel Desire (2011)

Great Nudity!

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An uptight maid gets some sexual healing in the erotic short film Hotel Desire (2011). Antonia (SaraLisa Volm) is a single mother who works as a maid in an upscale Berlin hotel. Life's going about as well as you'd think it is for a single mom who works as a maid. Sara’s boss is a jerk, the summer heat is stifling, most of her coworkers hate her, and she really, really needs to get laid. We're not talking about being a bit horny, Antonia's in the midst of a multi-year dry spell. When you see what this housekeeper is keeping hidden under her uniform, you'll realilze how insane that is. Spankfully, when she comes to clean the room of blind painter Julius Pass (Clemens Schick), he stumbles upon her hiding, and starts touching her in a very sexual manner. Unless he planned to claim he's blind and though she was a lamp, it's a risky move. But, she's into it, and soon enough instead of dusting, she has the artist busting. You’ll want to dip your brush in SaraLisa, who gets fully nude showering during the opening credits and again in an explicit, four-minute scene of real sex where Clemens pleasures her with fingers, mouth, and German sausage. Holy moly is this hotel worker hot! The sex scene is explicit, but exquisite, with amazing looks at SaraLisa's lady bits as the blindo eats her out, her terrific tits which bounce as she rides him, and a great sot of the tremendous crack just below her sweat covered, dark hair. Now that’s what we call room service! If you're ever staying somewhere that they swear can't see what movies you rent, Hotel Desire is definitely worth your time!