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Hot Milk (2005)

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Hot Milk (2005) is a trippy bit of nifty by first-time director/long-time rich kid Ricardo Bofill Maggiora, whose papa is a big-deal Spanish architect (and whose ex-wife is none other than Chabeli Iglesias, loin issue of Julio Iglesias and one of the girls he's loved before). Ricky's foray into filmdom follows hot milkmaid Ana Turpin as she leaves the utterly dull world of udder squeezing and heads out into the world. Where does she go, you say? Well, this being Spain (and this being a movie by a rich, reformed party boy), the eye-pleaza naturally has to go to Ibiza! There, fair Ana meets a bunch of bananas Spaniards, including rug-munching moneybags Laura Domínguez and vicious, ambitious, downright delicious Vanessa Otero.