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Hee Haw

Hee Haw

No Nudity


This show has probably done more damage to the image of Southern folk than any piece of fiction ever conceived. Ridiculously poor humor, leering and stupid tit jokes, and our only respite a song from the likes of Dolly Parton or Jerry Reed. For some reason my grandparents loved this show and I was therefore subjected to it nightly, and for that I’ve never been able to fully forgive them. Nevertheless, fans of this classic simply can't get enough. When it first came on the air, it was about the same time that All In the Family started. They were two different shows with different messages, but both were incredibly popular. In the end Hee Haw had a longer run than Gunsmoke and was/is beloved by millions. Why, you ask? It was a good, clean, family oriented show that you could sit down and watch with the youngins without getting embarrassed. Sure, it could seem corny as hell but it did showcase some amazing performers in the western music scene. The writing isn't amazing, but at the time there was truly nothing like it. It had slapstick humor, music, and plenty of T and A to keep the flesh fiends of the world occupied. Sure, the teats and butts were fully covered by clothes, but anyone with a fertile enough imagination could undress these hotties with their eyes and find something worth wanking to. Whether you're a fan of country music or not, you can't really go wrong with watching some good old fashioned Hee Haw!