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Heavy (2019)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Heavy (2019) is a drug drama that feels like a big turn for star Sophie Turner who plays one part of a couple that starts to lose it after a drug-addled bender. Her boyfriend gets set up by his best friend and winds up owing a ton of money to drug dealers and he can no longer see his way out. This New York City couple tries to navigate their way through the high-end drug world to pay back people they owe, while also staying out of trouble. The problem is that they are both heavy drug users who like to use their stock and shoot up. Can they actually make it out of this whole mess alive or will the drugs and money ruin them and completely eat the couple up? You will have to see! You also get to see Sophie's sexy body. Sophie Turner plays Maddie and it is maddening how sexy she looks in this movie. This is her most daring role yet even though she STILL does not go nude. She does get pretty damned close by showing off a lot of skin when she is in her skivvies. But wait...what's this? A nip slip? Yes! Sophie even shows a nipple when she is on top of her boyfriend in her skimpy bra. She and her boyfriend roll around in bed together while she wears her underwear and a very skimpy tank top. She wears leopard print panties and a white bra that really shows off her cleavage. Her long legs look gorgeous in these cool purple-lit scenes that showcase Sophie Turner turning her body out for us to enjoy.