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Haunted: Latin America

Haunted: Latin America (2021)

Brief Nudity


Just when you thought it was safe to travel to Latin America, now you gotta deal with ghosts too?!?  Come on, Haunted: Latin Amerca! In this new Netflix series, we are introduced to the next chapter in the original Haunted series, which has become one of the most successful and watched horror productions on the streaming service.  This time, we venture into the spiritual world of Latin America, giving us a peek into the unexplained in our neighbors to the south with hauntings in Mexico, Colombia, and various other countries.  From single mothers experiencing evil spirits in their new homes to evil dolls being gifted as birthday presents to mysterious noises throughout the house, we sit down for first hand accounts of the real-life people who lived through horrific experiences and the evil that they were able to survive.  We get to ride shotgun as these stories unravel and the dramatic re-enactments allow us to practically live these stories ourselves from the comfort of our couches instead of in a spooky basement.  Along the way, there is no shortage of sex appeal, just like anything we'd expect from Latin America and we get to see some surprising skin from a naked Paula Martin and Laura Tovar, who both get topless for our viewing pleasure and they are scary sexy!  We also get a steamy shower scene from Manuela Guerra, but if there is one thing we know about a steamy shower scene in a spooky story, there is going to be some jump scares coming our way!