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The Ultimatum: Queer Love

The Ultimatum: Queer Love (2023)

Brief Nudity


The premise for the original international reality show - five couples who’ve reached the point where one of them wants to get married but the other isn’t quite ready go on TV to date other people before deciding whether to tie the knot - gets a new twist on this US version on Netflix as all the couples are women and non binary people. Joanna Garcia Swisher hosts ten multicamera episodes filled with booze, jealousy, drama, and sapphic sexiness. Within the first few episodes, we get the typical dating show looks at the ladies in skimpy bikinis, but then Midred Woody and Tiff Der take it up a notch with a cheesily-scored peek of them in the bedroom (and more importantly, Mildred’s be-thonged butt cheeks). But the real winner is Vanessa Papa with a couple of epic nip slips while getting those puppies pierced! Talk about the ultimate find!