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Grand Jeté

Grand Jeté (2022)

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Oedipal stories have fascinated audiences since, well, the time of Sophocles at least. The German film Grand Jeté (2022) basically tells the Oedipus story from Jocasta's POV, with professional ballerina Nadja, played by real life professional dancer Sarah Nevada Grether, having walked out on her duties as a mother when her son was an infant, leaving her own mother to raise the child. Nearly two decades later, when Nadja's rigid discipline has paid off with the professional career of her dreams, she is reunited with her son Mario (Emil von Schönfels) and suddenly and shockingly embarks on a romantic relationship with him. Sarah Grether gives her all in this intense portrait of the ultimate taboo, but she's busting more than taboos as she helps you bust a nut with some skincredible nude scenes, including a two minute-plus scene where she bares her breasts and bush while jerking her co-star off to completion! Like Norman Bates (nice) always said, "A boy's best friend is his mother."