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GQ Lingerie Photo Shoot

GQ Lingerie Photo Shoot (2012)

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GQ or Gentlemen's Quarterly in case you never knew, is truly the standard for men's fashion magazines. Launched in 1931, it started as a trade magazine before retailers complained customers were swiping them and the mag realized it had widespread appeal. While the magazine has branched out to covering a wide variety of cultural issues, it still has such a hold on American's concept of men's fashion that whenever a dude puts on some fancy duds, you can expect someone to reference GQ. Sorry, Esquire. But every once in a while, the editorial crew remember men like to see women with very little clothes on, so they'll snap some shots of ladies in lingerie. In 2012, the meta-humor heavy comedy Community had gained a dedicated cult following, and after watching its stars Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs shake their moneymakers in the 2012 GQ Lingerie Photo Shoot, we may know the reason why! Dressed up in retro lingerie for a Bettie Page style photoshoot, Alison pulls off Gillian’s bra, only to be thwarted by another one underneath, then both ladies do a feather fan dance interspersed with playful catfighting. But the breast part is when one of Ms. Brie’s big, wobbly wonders pops out of her bra for a glorious moment in the spotlight. Those are some great Communi-titties! Now that’s how you get your series renewed! Unfortunately for us, these fake college girls don't do any experimenting together, but we can't complain. Gee whiz did we shoot a huge load seeing those ladies in lingerie for the 2012 GQ Lingerie Photo Shoot!  .