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Giri/Haji (2019)

Brief Nudity

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Giri/Haji is a 2019 series from the UK about a Japanese detective named Kenzo (Takehiro Hira) who travels to London to investigate the murder of his estranged brother, whom he suspects was involved with The Yakuza. With his brother now the prime suspect in a murder investigation being conducted by the British police, Kenzo must find him before either the police or the mob get to him first, making this a race against time with serious implications for both men. Much like Rising Sun (1993)—both the classic film and novel by Michael Crichton—the UK police quickly discover that Japanese culture has its own set of cultural rules that must be observed and which override their ability to conduct a full invesitgation. Kenzo's only hope is that the police can stay mired in bureaucracy and he can stay one step ahead of The Yakuza in tracking down his brother! While the show is huge on action, intrigue, and suspense, there's a surprising dearth of skin to be found in this eight episode miniseries! Thankfully the always sexy and amazing Anna Sawai is on hand for six of the eight episodes to add some sex appeal to the proceedings! She also goes nude in episode four, briefly baring her breasts in bed while getting pounded by a guy missionary style on the bed! While we'd like to conduct a skinvestigation into why this police procedural doesn't have more nudity, we have the feeling we'd come up empty handed! At least with Anna's nude scene, you won't be empty handed!