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Florence was a meager seven years of age when she burst onto the French acting scene in 1973’s made-for-TV flick Plein Soleil. The good news is that she’s still around, if on the other side of The Pond…Fortunately, the “Child Actor” Syndrome that seems to haunt all the young people on television and in the movies here in The States didn’t seem to catch in Europe. That gave Florence plenty of time to grow up (And out…) so she could bare her ass-ets on film. (And a hearty “Kudos” to you, Ms. Pernel!) She first flashed some flesh in 1989’s Cellini which not only featured her impressive rack but also a hint of bush when she’s seen from above whilst bathing. It wasn’t nearly as well-lit as her breastacular exposure in 2000’s La Femme de mon mari, though. In spite of the fact that she “only” shows her tits in that particular movie, the scene is lengthy enough for you to count the freckles around her nipples. Trust us. We did. There are 47.

Top Scenes

In Praise of Older Women (1996) Nude, breasts 01:28:00 She and her guy hump away in the sack, leading to a few decent views of Florence's buds. (1 min 23 secs)
Les enfants du naufrageur (1992) Nude, breasts, butt 01:00:00 Nice but distant shot of Florence's fanny when she heads into the ocean nude. Luckily, the camera gets a little closer to catch her bare boobs. (2 mins 19 secs)
Cellini (1990) Nude, breasts, butt 01:41:00 She drops her duds for bathtime, and WOW. She's in possession of some of the greatest dirigibles and duff the world has ever seen, and they're visible as she and her guy get flirty in the tub. (1 min 6 secs)
La femme de l'amant (1992) Nude, breasts 00:13:00 Flo spends a good, long, sexy time topless and talking to a gal pal with her darling buds bare, before pulling on a turtleneck. (38 secs)
Que les gros salaires lèvent le doigt! (1982) Nude, breasts 01:17:00 A panty-clad Florence shows off her gravity-defying rack rolling out of bed when she and her snoozing girlfriend are discovered by two guys. (34 secs)
Les enfants du naufrageur (1992) Nude, breasts 00:54:00 See Flo's flopdoodles when she exits the bed, post-sex and sans shirt. (10 secs)
La femme de l'amant (1992) Nude, breasts, butt 01:14:00 Florence, gracious and kind bestower of flesh, jumps out of bed to bless us with a quick bit i' right tit and bonus bum. (20 secs)
Les Steenfort, maîtres de l'orge Nude, breasts right breast (24 secs)


Que les gros salaires lèvent le doigt! (1982) - as Odile, Joeuf's daughter

Cellini (1990) - as Catherine

La femme de l'amant (1992) - as Adèle

Les enfants du naufrageur (1992) - as NA

Violetta, la reine de la moto (1997) - as Amélie

Mon amour (1997) - as Marion Couderc

La femme de mon mari (2000) - as Diane

De sang et d'encre (2008) - as Julie Martial

TV Shows

Les Steenfort, maîtres de l'orge - as Margrit Steenfort Feldhof

Le juge est une femme (1994-2005) - as Juge Florence Larrieu

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