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Fickende Fische

Fickende Fische (2002)

Great Nudity!

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Written and directed by newcomer Almut Getto, the title of the teenager drama Fickende Fische (2002) actually translates to Fucking Fish. Nonetheless, the mating habits of our wet friends aren’t the primary focus of the movie. Instead it tells the story of two sixteen-year-olds who literally meet by accident when Nina (Sophie Rogall) runs over Jan (Tino Mewes) with her rollerblades. Although the streetwise girl and the introverted boy couldn’t be more different, they quickly become friends and subsequently a couple. There is one thing standing in between them, however: Jan’s HIV infection. Nina doesn’t find out about this until after they end up in bed together, which is why we still get to enjoy some sweet T&A as well as even a little bit of bush by young Sophie.