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Everlasting (2015)

No Nudity

(0:03) Valentina de Angelis in the mirror in her bra and panties.
(0:17) Valentina de Angelis on the bed showing a lot of leg including how far her stocking goes up. Nice shot as she gets on hands and knees to kiss the guy and we see her tiny little shorts.
(0:22) Valentina de Angelis is being screwed. In the mirror we can see some left underboob. A bit of right boob peeling out of her town at the forefront. As she is screwed hard. Worth examining if she actually falls out at any point.
(0:30) Valentina de Angelis strips to her bikini. She will be in it for the next several minutes. Some nice cheek shots.
(0:34) Valentina de Angelis making love in a tent. When the camera pans down, it looks as if part of her right nipple makes a brief appearance around the guy’s arm.
(0:37) While trying on a variety of outfits, Valentina de Angelis ends up on athe bed in a sexy one piece – or it could be a top with panties.
(0:39) GIRL in a sexy one piece modeling on the couch. Various models in sexy one-pieces around the house. (GIRL may be Shaeveon Latrey Sisson)
(0:42) GIRLS in bikinis at the pool.
(0:43) Ruby Staley at party in a bikini top.
(0:45) Valentina de Angelis lying on the bed. Her bikini bottoms are visible.
(0:48) A series of modeling photos Valentina de Angelis including bra, partial panties and a shot where taped X’s are over her breasts and another where only hair is in front of her boobs. Then she is taking photos in a bra, panties and fishnets.
(0:52) More photos of Valentina de Angelis including the tape-over-the-breasts and the hair in front of them. Ruby Staley is also there in a bathing suit.


Valentina de Angelis

Sexy - as JessieSexy, bikini, underwear

Ruby Laurelle Staley

Sexy - as CandiSexy, bikini

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