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Dune (2000)

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No, it's not the David Lynch adaptation from 1984 or the Denis Villeneuve one from 2021, but just because it's lesser known doesn't mean the Sci Fi Channel's 2000 miniseries, Dune, isn't worthy of praise. After all, before "prestige television" took over, the cable channel sunk a supposed 20 million into three, nearly two hour episodes of material. Based on the hugely popular Frank Herbert series of life on a desert planet with giant sand worms and a much-sought-after spice that makes the world go round, horror master John Harrison handled this one, with a probably too old for the gig Alec Newman playing Paul Atreides, the young man whose family signs up to watch over the spice filled but often wartorn planet Arrakis, William Hurt playing his dad the Noble Duke Leto I Atreides who thinks he can get the native Fremen to help his group in the battles, James Watson playing the fighting expert Duncan Idaho, and Saskia Reeves playing Paul's gorgeous, green eyed mom Lady Jessica. Critics appreciated this one's not trying to cram all the book into a two hour movie, and it even won some Emmys for its special effects. But since we're more into spicy scenes than space set political sagas, we think you'll appreciate how Dune made your pants worm squirm at the sight of all those spicy aliens with the glowing blue eyes. Consumption of the spice makes their eyes change color, but viewers may not even notice thanks to Barbora Kodevota's out-of-this-world heavenly body. She plays one of the natives who may not be restless, but audiences will be once they catch a glimpse of her meaty planets. Forget the spice, girls with racks than nice are Arrakis' best asset! If you want to get even weirder, Teresza Semlerova shows her tatas while giving a man a strange spongebath. Sci-fi miniseries usually leave one scratching their head in confusion, but this poon filled version of Dune will have you scratching your little head in pleasure!