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Diggers (2006)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Directed by: Katherine Dieckmann
  • Rated: R
  • Home Release: 04/20/2009
  • Theatrical Release: 04/27/2007
  • Home Release: 03/30/2007
  • Country: USA
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Top Scene


Truth be told, those of us at Skin Central would dig Diggers (2006) a lot more if it included some nudity. Otherwise, the indie flick written and produced by Wet Hot American Summer (2001) alum Ken Marino is just fine. Under the direction of Katherine Dieckmann, the R rated dramedy tells the story of four lifelong friends from Long Island. Hunt (Paul Rudd), Jack (Ron Eldard), Cons (Josh Hamilton), and Lozo (Marino) work as clamdiggers — a profession that their fathers and grandfathers had before them. Yet this generation of diggers must figure out how to adapt to the changing times. Set in 1976, the story offers some bicentennial references but nada in terms of fireworks when it comes to seeing the skin on Julie (Sarah Paulson), Keiko (Marie Matiko), and Zoey (Lauren Ambrose). In other words, before you start thinking that clam digging is a euphemism for something else, it’s not. This is literally a film about guys who dig for actual clams. Luckily, Maura Tierney throws us a bone by flashing a little bit of flesh. As Gina, the sexy brunette can be seen riding her guy in bed. She even moans and tells her lover that she likes it. But since the camera is behind her, we only get to see Maura’s bare back in the sack. If you were hoping to glance at a hint of side mam when she slips off of her man, it just doesn’t happen. If only these dudes were digging for bearded clams!