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De Chair et de sang (2016)

Brief Nudity

De chair et de sang (2016) a short film about a young woman named Ana (Claire Ganaye) whose life is in disarray. Feeling alone, she goes out and picks up a stranger at the bar. They hook-up, but the sex feels dirty and violent. He leaves, she takes a shower to feel whole, and simply goes asleep as if none of it even happened.  Claire Ganaye nude in a bathtub to show off her slinky skin. She grabs onto herself when she submerges herself under water, showing just a tuft of reddish-brown bush hair. Her melons float in the water so beautifully that Mr. Skin is getting dirty thinking raunchy thoughts about her. Make room in the tub, Claire! Mr. Skin needs a sensual bath, too. 


Claire Ganaye

NudeSexy, breasts, bush, right breast, underwear

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